30 years ago, I predicted that the rate at which the universe was expanding was itself increasing, but I forgot to publish it.  Consequently I was denied the credit (and the Nobel Prize) when it was discovered in 1998 that the universe is indeed expanding at an accelerating rate.

So, to avoid another debacle like that, here are my scientific predictions for things that will be experimentally verified in the coming years (some of these have already appeared in my published books):

  1. The velocity of light is increasing by a very small amount over time
  2. The velocity of light measured over a small local coordinate system will be greater than measured over a large distance (if not for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it could tend towards infinity)
  3. Antimatter possesses no gravity but is subject to the gravity of matter (that’s really two predictions)
  4. Antimatter decays into photons rapidly even if it does not encounter matter

I will publish the explanations for these predictions later.  I may even wait until they are experimentally verified.  I will merely provide a hint: they are all linked to the expansion of the universe.

But for now just remember: you read it here first!