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Elon MuskElon Musk has blown it big time. He has lost all credibility. I used to admire and respect him. I defended him against his critics in the oil industry. I defended him against the pseudo-libertarians who claimed they wanted a level playing field between oil and coal (that pollute the air that others have to breathe) and solar and wind – that don’t pollute. I defended him against those who falsely claimed that wind and solar do pollute. And boy did they use the most preposterous arguments to support their claims.

But no more!

Musk has shot his bolt and showed himself to be dishonest, unethical and even ready to put an innocent man’s life at risk in order to settle a personal dispute. I won’t recount he details of his argument with Vernon Unsworth, the man who was instrumental in saving the lives of the youths trapped in a cave in Thailand. The details are widely available.

You can read about the original dispute in which the habitually dishonest Musk launched his attack, the effect of Musk’s monumental stupidity on the share price of one of his over-valued companies, and his mealy-mouthed apology

But like a petulant child – or maybe more like a disrespectful teenager, Musk can’t seem to learn from his own mistakes. Thus he now comes up with a vicious, and similarly dishonest repetition of even more serious and dishonest allegations.

Fellow of the Royal Society

But what really gets me is that this cocky, arrogant bully (I speak of the Muskrat – whose name is an anagram of Lone Skum) is a Fellow of the Royal Society. In other words, he has the privilege of being a member of an elite British society of  scientists and yet he acts like a foul-mouthed lout and the school bully.

Now I ask the following: Is it right that a man who calls another man a “pedo” and “child rapist” – without offering a shred of evidence – should have the prestige and honour of being a Fellow of the Royal Society. But making such allegations in this day and age endangers the life of the target of the allegations. This means that Elon Musk not only engaged in willful dishonesty, but also knowingly endangered another man’s life.

And Musk did this in furtherance of a personal dispute. The man Musk lied about was instrumental in saving the lives of the youths trapped in a cave. Musk falsely claimed to have helped too. (He did not. He merely got in the way.) The man who had genuinely helped, rightly criticized Musk for lying. Musk responded like the petulant child that he is, by dishonestly calling the man a “pedo” then offering a mealy mouthed apology and then calling the man a “child rapist”.

Elon Musk is clearly unfit to be a Fellow of the Royal Society and I urge the Royal Society to strip him of his fellowship. Failing that, other members of the Royal Society should speak out and demand that he be stripped of an honour for which he is obviously unfit.