When I wrote my last post about Richard Silverstein’s attack on Israel for giving medical aid to Haiti, I didn’t realize quite how mendacious and rude he was.  (I should have done, as I have seen how rude he is when his arguments are refuted by his intellectual superiors – which most people are.)  Here is an example.  Some one responded to the article as follows:

This is quite a bad translation. Whole sentences are missing. I’ll deal with this tomorrow, I have productive activity ahead of me.

A perfectly polite and reasonable response.  And how does Silverstein, who controls the blog reply?  Like this:

When you can translate Hebrew as well as Sol Salbe then you can talk. Till then shutup.

“I have productive activity ahead of me.”

That’s it. You’re done. I’ve had about as much snark as I can take. If you ever mature enough to actually write comments w/o snark & all the other infantilisms you introduce into yours you may let me know & I can reinstate you. Till then you’re toast.

Note first the puerile sarcasm of the half-witted Silverstein:  “When you can translate…” And the yobbish rudeness: “Till then shutup.”  Next Silverstein has the audacity to accuse the other person of lacking maturity – that’s rich coming from Silverstein – and then he does what he so often does when he can’t refute an argument: he bans the person from his forum.  And this is the same Silverstein who likes to pretend that he wants to hold serious discussion.

What can one say about Silverstein.  Well, he’s a liar and hypocrite for a start.


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