It seems that Richard Silverstein got a bit irritated with me for exposing his hypocrisy and double standards – and in particular his unabashedly evil criticism of Israel for sending a huge, well-equipped medical relief team to Haiti after the earthquake.  He replied angrily, accusing me of being rude.

Let’s take a look at some of Silverstein’s own statements:

“When you can translate Hebrew as well as Sol Salbe then you can talk. Till then shutup.”

“If you ever mature enough to actually write comments w/o snark & all the other infantilisms you introduce into yours you may let me know”

“Either you can read them & respect them or you’ll lose yr comment privileges. I won’t even debate this noxiousness.”  (After the woman he was banning had proved that a pregnant Palestinian woman was planning to use her pregnancy to stage a suicide bombing attack – which would have killed her unborn baby as well.)

“you think you’re the first numbskull to say these things here?”

“more like fucking obnoxious”

“If you wish to continue to be an ass”  (Pot-kettle anyone?)

“you nitwits”

“Lord protect us fr. the idiot hasbara crowd.”

“You are really a very stupid person.”

All this from a man who accuses ME of being rude.  And these are just a tiny fractions of the examples I could have given if I had more staminia for intellectual slumming in Silverstein’s cesspool.

Now let’s look at some of the comments he has tolerated from friendly commentators who support his hostility to the Jewish state:

MARY: my remark that Zionists have control over the news media is my own opinion, and there is nothing “dumb and thuggish” about it…  I will not withdraw or repudiate my remark about control of the media…”

MARY: “You incredible, outrageous hasbarist. My temper is thinning fast.” (Hasbarist is Mary’s and Silverstien’s term for anyone who presents eloquent, factually based arguments  in favour of Israel.)

SHIRIN: “You’re either an idiot, or a liar, or both.”  (To the woman who exposed the case of the pregnant Palestinian woman trying to carry out a suicide bombing.)

MARY: “Are you really that dense, or are you being deliberately obtuse?”

ELIZABETH: “More verbal diarrhea from Cociella”   (Elizabeth is another member of Silverstein’s ideology-brothel)

LYN: “Haitians are lucky Haiti isn’t next to Israel, or Israel would deem them the seething, angry, vengeance-ridden savages and test their weapons on them.”  (Now that’s already an antisemitic lie.  But Silverstein tolerated it.)

MARY: “what a bunch of fascist creeps you really are”

MARY: (again – sigh) “I’m actually gratified to have gotten under your rather reptilian skin”  (If you’re thinking that Mary is a foul-mouthed whore, you’re probably right.)

Just as a matter of interest, at the end of his cesspool of lies about Israel and its excellent medical aid for Haiti after the earthquake, Silverstein uses cowardly innuendo (which is typical of Silverstein) to imply that Israel was responsible for the United States blocking the delivery of “desperately needed medical supplies.”  This is after he has just spent paragraphs criticizing Israel for bringing in medical supplies on the grounds that such supplies were NOT necessary?

And we’re supposed to take Silverstein seriously?


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  • Linda Prus says:

    Watch out for an internet scam from a company called Hopclicks – they are fraudsters.

  • BTW – did you know that “Richard Silverstein” is an anagram of “ARID CRETIN SHRIVELS”?
    Quite appropriate, don’t you think?

  • @Walt Kovacs
    Apparently even Despicable Dicky’s “extremely supportive wife” (his words, not mine) is not enough of a milch cow to cover his espenses. He’s now pleading for financial support from his readers.
    He also admits that writing his blog is a full-time job.
    Just imagine – the wet dream of every antisemite and self-hating Jew, being able turn trashing Israel into a full-time job, with the financial support of your spouse and your groupies.

  • Amed says:

    Incredible arrive on your site and I hear a voice that pronounces my name saying I am going to die! How did you do that? I was awfully scared but now I laugh

    • dkessler says:

      The name he pronounces is “Joshua” and the person speaking is Moses, telling Joshua that he (Moses) is going to die.

  • I have noticed that all the spammers on your site have tiny willies. Do you never have problems with the other kind of spammers (by whom I am plagued, quite frequently) and that’s the kind with tiny tits and proportionately large inferiority complexes?

    • dkessler says:

      No, but then again as a keen ornithologist (like James Bond) I have never viewed tits as a problem – regardless of size.

  • Bailey Button Bomber says:

    I am a spammer and I have a tiny little willy.

  • Mccomis says:

    I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get set up? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% positive. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • dkessler says:

      My first piece of advice is to refrain from including irrelevant links to some one else’s blog. It costs nothing and it is common courtesy..

  • Desiree Wheeler says:

    Well said. Couldn’t have summed it up better.

  • walt kovacs says:

    I have noticed that far right wing blogs and far left wing blogs, are adverse to allowing on opinions that differ with the position statement of the blog owner.

    Dickie is just an extreme example of this.

    But woe is to him should his breadwinner wife ever decide to leave his sorry behind…the man has never held a steady job in his entire life.

    btw, dickie cant read or speak Hebrew either…he just pretends that he does.

    • dkessler says:

      Good points. It doesn’t surprise me that he can’t read Hebrew. A woman recently challenged him over his comments on the recent anti-boycott law in Israel. He challenged her to produce evidence from a reliable source that the law didn’t say what he claimed it did. She replied by pointing out that the law itself was the best source and it is readily available in Hebrew.

      Great to hear from you.

  • Mable Mcdaniel and Karen Walker says:

    Hi, we wanted to ride the coat-tails of your blog about Silverstein’s hypocrisy and spam your site with a link to our site, but when you sent us a message to confirm that we were real and not a bot we ignored it and didn’t reply. So this alerted you to the fact that we were fraudsters.

    Anyway, you are too clever for us, the way you keep intercepting our spam and replacing it with grovelling confessions like this one.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mable Mcdaniel and Karen Walker

  • Silverstein, whose comment rules include:
    “7. comments which abuse the Holocaust and Holocaust terms (‘Judenrein,’ etc.) for propaganda purposes may be deleted. ”
    has no hesitation in abusing his own rules. How else can you describe his comparison of Israel with Nazi Germany?

    For example:
    Richard Silverstein says:
    January 20, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    “I’m not complaining about Israel sending relief to Haiti. I’m complaining about Israel’s motives & expectations in doing so. It is not doing it for the sake of the thing itself, but for the sake of PR & goodwill among the nations….. Not to mention allowing Israel to prepare its medical emergency care for the next war. This is a medical version of how Hitler exploited the Franco civil war to test new German armaments in preparation for WWII.”