This is an urgent warning about a crooked website (or several) supposedly selling cheap Ugg boots. These sites have been sending out a lot of spam to try and raise their Page Rank.

The trouble is that in addition to these illicit methods, they are also a fraudulent site to begin with. That is, they do not actually deliver any Ugg boots (or anything else) they just take customer’s money. They keep changing their websites and banks so that it is hard to track and catch them.

They are run by the Russian Mafia and Nigerian fraudsters who have cost a lot of well-meaning people considerable sums of money (they harvest bank details and use them again to empty your account and they also sell on the details to other fraudsters). In some cases these websites also try to plant spyware on your computer.

Please avoid ANY site that offers “cheap Ugg boots” or “Bargain Ugg boots”, or “Children’s Ugg Boots” etc. Do not log onto their sites at all if you can help it and certainly DO NOT BUY FROM THEM – You won’t get your goods or your money back.


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