Who can play the lead? is a new series of books and screenplays in which the reader is invited to make suggestions as to who should play the leading roles.

Over in a Flash (Who can play the lead?), the first in this series, is a romantic comedy about an emotionally-repressed aviation engineer who steals an advanced fighter to jet to get back to his ex.

Readers are invited to make suggestions for who should play the roles ofConrad and Alison. Also welcome are suggestions as to who should direct the film.  Please write an Amazon review and put the suggestions in that review.



2 Responses to New screenplay series invites YOU to choose the leading actors

  • As long as that ********** bitch Vanessa Redgrave isn’t allowed anywhere near the set…
    And I can think of a few more who shouldn’t be allowed to appear in what is sure to be a blockbuster, as well as an Oscar-winner 😉

    • dkessler says:

      Thanks. I think you do Vanessa Redgrave an injustice. I would love to see her as Golda Meir 🙂