The Moses Legacy is selling quite well.  2,696 in its first week – which wasn’t even a full week – was enough to put it into position five on the Heatseeker chart.  3,767 in its second week took it to position 3. Then last week it sold 3,137, so it will be interesting to see where it stands on the Heatseeker chart.  I decided to look up the two books above it on the Heatseeker list.

The one that was is an American book that has 220 reviews on, 12 on and is  in position 625 in the chart (paperback edition).

The book that is second has 63 customer reviews in and is in position 172 in ther sales chart, but more importantly it has 26 press reviews including in the Times, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Mail on Sunday, Independent on Sunday, USA Today, Washington Post, Marie Claire, Time Out, Bookseller and Red – as well as endorsements from Stephen King, Jeffrey Deaver and Sara Paretsky.  I must admit that I am a bit miffed at this as Jeffrey Deaver told me that he didn’t have time to read books – even published books.  And Sara Paretsky ignored my eMail altogether.

But that’s life.  We must keep on trying.


2 Responses to Third week sales

  • Stacie31Beach says:

    Your sales figures look very impressive. Can you keep us informed of the latest figures?

  • Errol Lynd says:

    I tried to spam your site but you stopped me because you are so clever. You even replaced the link that i tried to slip by you with one to your book on Amazon. God, you’re so clever. I wish I had half your brains.