Sheila, Bobbie and Caro

What happens when three girls working as secretaries discover that the company they are working for is planning on launching a product that will make millions of secretaries redundant? They turn into Luddites!

Essex blonde Sheila Bright, feisty Geordie redhead Caroline (“Caro”) North and patrician, black Roedean-educated Roberta (“Bobbie”) Stone all work as secretaries for “Computers, Communications and Cybernetics.” But their employer is planning on launching a new product called the Virtual Secretary – a combined Virtual Reality headset and smart software that can effectively mimic the function of a real secretary – and without needing wages! Realizing that this is likely to throw them and millions of other women out of their jobs across the world, they decide to sabotage the project!

This is a hilarious account of what three determined young women will do to keep their jobs – and what friends will do for one another!

Listen to the Prologue, copyright 2005, David Kessler.  All rights reserved:  The Luddite Girls – prologue

If you would like to buy The Ludditte Girls as an unabridged four hour audiobook in MP3 format (for just £9.99!), read by three brilliant young actresses (see below), click the “Buy Now” button below:

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Finally, for those of you who really are Luddites, a paperback of The Luddite Girls is also available.

The audiobook was read by Nicola Sangster, Rachel Dale and Kathryn Redwood.



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