Checkmate at the Beauty PageantThink “James Bond meets Baywatch” and you’ll have some idea of what Checkmate at the Beauty Pageant (The Dov Shamir Adventures) is about. When 32 beauty contestants are kidnapped in a military-style operation, it’s a job for top Israeli intelligence officer Dov Shamir. The kidnapper – “Lee Chadwick” – has threatened to kill the girls unless former US and world chess champion Billy Segal can be persuaded to come out of retirement and play against a chess program that runs on the internet using the computers of those who are watching the games for “parallel computing.”

But Segal has lost his nerve and so it is up to Shamir – who is also an international master of chess – to come up with a plan.

Meanwhile the girls are being pampered in a luxurious mansion on a large Caribbean island but warned not to try and escape. And those who do they find themselves coming up against a six foot three lesbian who delights flexing her muscles at their expense.

Will Dov and the girls be able to prevail? Will the combined efforts of the American, British and Israeli intelligence be able to locate where the girls are being held? And will they be able to overcome the heavily armed guards without getting the girls killed? But the most important question is who is the mysterious “Lee Chadwick” who never seems to appear but is pulling the strings and controlling things from behind the scenes? Could it be some one who has been out in the open all along?

If you like kick-ass action, beautiful babes and cool gadgets, this is the story for you.

The chessboard was deep in the grounds of the mansion isolated in a forest and surrounded by trees. Eight yards by eight yards square, it was made up of white fibreglass and smoked-brown translucent perspex. The girls were standing on the first two ranks at each end of the board, dressed in black or white – each “chessman” characterized by its clothing.

The rule seemed to be, the less powerful the chessman, the less the clothing. Thus the pawns were wearing very brief bikinis. The knights were clad in halter tops and shorts. The bishops also wore T-shirts and shorts. The rooks wore jackets with epaulettes and short skirts. The “queens” low-cut evening gowns with long slits and the kings wore tight fitting black leather – dominatrix style.



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