When 19 year old white girl accuses black TV talk-show host Elias Claymore of raping her, America is deeply divided on the issue. In his youth, Claymore was a Black power militant, as well as a convicted rapist and escaped convict. But after undergoing a road-to-Damascus change, he came back to America – to serve out his sentence, reinventing himself as a respectable, neoconservative amd born-again Christian.

Claymore turns to his friend Alex Sedaka for help, but Alex is persuaded to share the defence with a law firm appointed by Claymore’s insurers and finds himself working with Andromeda (“Andi”) Phoenix, whose lesbian lover Gene works at a rape crisis centre. And when Andi makes an issue of the under-representation of African-Americans on the jury, she starts receiving anonymous threats.

Meanwhile Alex battle his way through DNA evidence, jury tampering and a malicious computer hacker. And while all this is going on, Alex’s on-again/off-again girlfriend – TV reporter Martine Yin – is covering the case and putting herself in danger…

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