“If you’re planning to dig a grave, dig two.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb


“Anyone who conducts his own defense has a fool for a client.”

Legal aphorism

A Fool for a Client 
The pinnacle of Sean Murphy’s career as a terrorist was when he blew up a doctor and a three-year-old child in a busy shopping mall.  But when he fled to New York and thwarted attempts to extradite him, he set in motion a chain of events that not even he could have anticipated.  Now Murphy is dead and Justine Levy, a 23-year-old American medical student, is on trial for his murder – and she is conducting her own defence.

But if she poisoned him – as the prosecution claims – then why did he die of a different poison to the one she gave him?  And was Justine a vigilante or was her motive more personal?  Will she be found guilty?  And is her fate in the hands of the jury or the ruthless gunman who has come to New York to kill her?  Or the other man who has come in pursuit of the gunman with an equal ruthlessness to Justine’s own?

David Kessler’s first thriller (originally published by Hodder) doesn’t just excite and mystify, it also asks some tough questions about vigilante justice and the rights of the victim.  It also contains a merciless attack on the organizations in America that funded “the relatives” of IRA prisoners – such as Noraid.

A Fool for a Client is now available for the Amazon Kindle.

“The author has come up with the most ingenious method of committing murder that I’ve come across in a long time”

Susannah Yaeger

The Sunday Telegraph

“A solid workmanlike piece of entertainment for Grisham fans with withdrawal symptoms.”

Crime Time



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