David Kessler returns with The Other Victim a story set in the world of high finance and genetic engineering, where the stakes are high – and the players, ruthless.

In London’s west end, Tony Neuman, a gifted teenager, is fatally stabbed in what appears to be a mugging.   On a luxurious country estate Emmett Freeman, a lawyer with a chip on his shoulder, is called in by the family of billionaire Fabian Digby, to make some discreet inquiries into the disappearance of the financier.  The events seem unconnected.  But when Digby’s body turns up floating on the Grand union canal and police frogmen find Tony’s watch on the canal bed nearby, Tony’s brother Phil comes under suspicion.

Aided by a policewoman as unconventional as himself,  Freeman starts to make the connection between the two fatalities and Fabian Digby’s last glamorous acquisition: the La Contessa perfume empire and its fabulously successful new perfume Gold.  But Gold is no ordinary perfume.  It sells for an outrageous price, enthrals men and women alike and seems to have an almost addictive hold on those who buy it.

But when the action shifts to the criminal courts, Freeman has to draw on all his legal skills to unravel the mystery and discover the whole shocking truth about Digby, the dead boy and the tantalizing allure of Gold.


“Kessler merges tense courtroom scenes with an intriguing storyline to produce a very satisfying read.”
Yorkshire Evening Press


“Courtroom battles share the limelight with high-energy action as the story builds to a stunning climax.”
North Eastern Evening Gazette


“The pace is fast, characters convince and the plot is well thought out.  Kessler writes well.”
Sunday Express




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