The Wimbledon Common Murder
There have been many developments into this tragic case since I collaborated with Colin Stagg on Who Really Killed Rachel? The Wimbledon Common Murder completely updates the reader on this tragic case.

On a hot summer day, in south-west London, an event occurred that would forever change the lives of several people in ways that were varied and diverse, yet uniformly tragic. The reverberations of that event would still be felt more than a decade and a half later, when a vicious murderer was finally brought to justice.

Told in chronological order, this book tells the parallel stories of the victims, the murderer and the man who came to be falsely accused. Both the background to Robert Napper, and his evil crimes are analyzed, including the Greenchain rapes and the three murders that he is known to have committed. But most significantly this book takes a close look at what went wrong with the law enforcement process and how the criminal justice system teetered on the precarious brink of what threatened to be a major miscarriage of justice.

As one reviewer said on Amazon:

It is quite horrifying to think how an innocent man almost got sent down for a terrible crime. But it is even more horrifying to think that because of a series of blunders, the murderer went on to kill again.



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