I have been writing since the age of 15.  My writing ranges from thrillers to science fiction, to children’s books to chick-lit, but my greatest distinction is to be the master of the thriller genre.  When you start to read a thriller by David Kessler, you know that you are going to be reading a devilishly cunning thriller full of twists and turns, almost every chapter ending on a cliffhanger and big twist at the end.  But even then you cannot be sure that you’ve heard the last of it – there’s usually a sting in the tail.

I started my writing career more as an act of self-indulgence than anything else with a screenplay that I sent to my mother’s cousin – film director Clive Donner.  He was kind enough not to rip it to shreds but he did point out both its good point and its flaws.

It was at that point that I realized that I really did have a talent for creative writing and I resolved to become a professional writer.

You can read more information about me on my Wikipedia page.