The sensational follow-up to THE MOSES LEGACY

This conspiracy thriller and historical thriller is one that should be high on your list of holiday reads! Revealing even more about the REAL New World Order conspiracy… and not the one the paranoid conspiracy theorists believe in.

A night-time intruder at an archaeological dig site in England finds a parchment written in Hebrew script. Thousands of miles away, Semitic language expert Daniel Klein (fresh from his brush with an American sect and their own version of the new world order) receives a blurred image on his mobile phone. But when he goes to meets the sender and old nemesis – a fraudster called Martin I. Costa – he realizes that he has arrived at a murder scene and walked into an ambush.

Accused of murder, Daniel finds himself on the run, pursued not only by the police but also by a ruthless ultra-orthodox Jewish sect (Shomrei Ha’ir) led by the fanatical Shalom Tikva. And they are determined to silence him. With the help of a wise and eccentric Cambridge Professor of Archaeology and a beautiful Irish-Israeli Mossad officer, Daniel follows a trail of clues that takes him from the uprising of Boudicca to Rome to Massada, in a quest for the link between two of the Roman empire’s most troublesome opponents: the ancient Britons and the Judeans. All the while they are barely one step ahead of Bar-Tikva, the strong but feeble-minded son of the leader of Shomrei Ha’ir. And both father and son are hell-bent on murder.

But who are these ultra-orthodox Jews trying to stop Daniel – even to he point of targeting his sister and her young daughters? And why are they being helped by Chienmer Lefou, a glamorous, antisemitic former fashion model, who accuses the Jews of running the New World Order and yet seems to have jumped into bed with her ideological opponents? Could it be that what Daniel has stumbled upon is equally threatening to the Belgravia-based Lady Lefou and the small Jewish sect in their self-imposed ghetto? Or is it simply that their malicious motives have created strange bedfellows?

With the killers closing in on Daniel from all sides, he must keep his wits about him, as danger lurks in every corner – and he doesn’t know whom he can trust.

The book is also available in paperback and in the USA.


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