Ethan and the Cryptic Clues

Ethan and the Cryptic Clues

11-year-old computer whiz kid Ethan Blaine is persuaded by his friend Lexie (same age) to help try to clear the name of a young loner who is accused of strangling a teenage girl when she was out jogging. Lexie’s father is the young man’s solicitor but Lexie fears that he is a lost sheep who will be wrongly convicted unless they can find the evidence to clear him.

However Ethan’s interest is soon aroused in another case of drug addicts being poisoned by contaminated drugs by a killer who leaves poetic clues – reminding Ethan of the Da Vinci Code, which he has just read. They agree to help each other in their respective cases. But are the two cases connected?

Ethan and the Cryptic Clues (The Ethan and Lexie adventures) is available for the Amazon Kindle.


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