Alex Sedaka is a trial lawyer based in San Francisco – a one-man band (aided by his faithful paralegal Juanita Cortez) who fights like a tiger for his clients.  His son David – whom he sometimes consults on scientific matters – is a theoretical physicist in the Particle Physics Group at the Berkeley campus of the University of California.

Alex makes his debut in Mercy in which he has just fifteen hours to save a young man on Death Row and continues in No Way Out in which he is called in to defend a black man accused of raping a white girl in an explosive case that divides America.

Will Alex Sedaka make a comeback for a third book?  That’s up to the readers.



8 Responses to Alex Sedaka (legal) thrillers

  • Ann Carhart says:

    I’m part way through your book “Mercy” and am enjoying the Possibilities of who’s really doing What and when.
    I would suggest that when you’re pretending to be someone from the US to have a US proofreader go through your books to weed out anglicisms.
    I’m looking forward to picking up your other books.

  • Mark says:

    I loved Mercy then read No Way Out. However, I really want to read the 3rd I am hooked. Best books I have read for years.

  • dkessler says:

    There may be more Alex Sedaka books. I certainly planned one more, but the publisher wanted me to try my hand at a new genre. Keep checking this website for updates and the latest news.

  • marium says:

    Congratulations on capturing the hearts of readers through your inspiring books. I am a 15 year old student studyiing in London. I came across your books during one of my many visits to the local book store. Not only have your Alex Sedaka novels inspired me to pursue law in the near future but has also made me change my ways in order to have a successful future

    I have read Mercy and No Way Out over a hundred times each and each time it seems to motivate me further. I alongside millions of other fans of the Alex Sedaka novels would be absolutely overjoyed and grateful if there was a third installment of the book.

    Thank you for inspiring uncountable readers around the globe through your exceptionally good writing. I look forward to reading more Sedaka novels in the near future.

    • While it is, of course, gratifying that Marium has read both “Mercy” and “No Way Out” over a hundred times each, one wonders when, in that case, he/she has time to pursue his/her studies. If he/she wants to have a chance of being accepted at Law School, he/she had better devote rather more time to his/her schoolwork.


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