Year of Compulsory Childbirth

Year of Compulsory Childbirth


A world ravaged by AIDS, with a depleted population. A European Federation torn between three factions: the Procrusteans, the Libertarians and the Faithful. A Procrustean leader who enters into an unholy alliance with the Faithful to conscript women to have children.

But geneticist Barbara Freeman does not accept the premise that collective survival takes precedence over civil liberties. Neither does rocket scientist Darii Lawson. To these free thinkers – whose parents were members of “the Logic society” – these expedient measures carry the foul stench of dictatorship. And they are prepared to fight against it. And they are prepared to fight against it.

But what weapons do they have in their arsenal when they find themselves in a minority? And how far are President Luther and Faithful leader Eric Chain prepared to go in the face of this resistance? In the end it comes down to a small band of dedicated people, including Barbara’s sisters and her aging mentor Sophia Magnus to take on the might of a tyrannical superstate.

In some ways similar to Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, but written some ten years earlier, The Year of Compulsory Childbirth is a tour de force of Dystopian literature.


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