When fragments of Stone with ancient writings are found in Sinai, the Egyptians call in expert Daniel Klein.  But when Daniel’s decipherment of the ancient text threatens to reveal the origins of the Bible, others are determined to prevent the truth from seeing the light of day.

Framed for murder, Daniel and the beautiful Viennese archaeologist he is working with, find themselves pursued across Sinai by a deadly female Mossad officer and a ruthless killer from a shadowy organization in Washington DC.  But as they try to stay one step ahead of their pursuers and follow the trail of clues, they are forced to ask themselves how many more secrets are waiting to be discovered?

The trail leads them all the way back to the Samaritans – an ancient sect who claim that they are descended from the true Israelites – and a sacred mountain shrine that may hold the answers… or cost them their lives.

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There is also a British kindle edition of The Moses Legacy available from amazon.co.uk and an American/International kindle edition at amazon.com.



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