Rachel-coverColin Stagg spent thirteen months on remand for a brutal murder before a judge threw out the so-called “evidence” presented by the police.  The “evidence” in question was the result of an undercover operation guided by a psychologist in which a seductive police policewoman tried incessantly – but unsuccessfully – to get Stagg to confess.

But when the case was thrown out and Colin Stagg walked free, that was only the beginning of his problems.  A series of police leaks to the tabloids left the public with the impression that Stagg was a guilty man who had beaten the rap.

Co-written by David Kessler and Colin Stagg, this is a story of police incompetence, tabloid callousness and professional arrogance which destroyed a man’s life and left a murderer free to kill again.


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  • April Dancer says:

    A fascinating book about a fascinating case. I read it many years ago (when it first came out) and was mightily impressed by the way in which you took the prosecution case apart – as well as the sleazy tabloids.


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