The Phaistos Disk found at Phaistos in Crete

Get ready for the next book in the Daniel Klein series…

The next Daniel Klein thriller – The Phaistos Disk – is about a 15cm clay disk found in Crete in 1908, bearing hieroglyphic type symbols on both sides.  Dating back to the second millennium BCE, the disk has so far resisted attempts at decipherment, like Linear A, one of the two scripts found at Knossos, also on Crete. In the story, ancient language expert Daniel Klein is called in by an aging Greek mathematician, who has spent a lifetime trying to decipher it and now thinks he is on the verge of a breakthrough.  But he dies before Daniel has the chance to contact him.

With nothing to go on, but determined not to let it go for the sake of one of his students – the mathematician’s grand-daughter – Daniel begins digging in a tenacious effort to discover the truth. In the process he ruffles the feathers of the very people who sought to silence the mathematician – thereby putting his life in danger… as well as that of the girl.

The search takes him from the Island of Crete to the mainland of Greece, to an elite university in Paris and the Weizmann Institute in Israel to the closely guarded corridors of the National Security Agency in Washington and the the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.  And at every turn, there are people determined to stop him.


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