For many years I loved YouTube.  As a child of the sixties and a teenager of the seventies I love it as a repositary of nostalgia offering me the sounds of Herman’s Hermits, Manfred Mann, Marmalade, the Hollies, Don McLean, Albert Hammond, Jim Croce, America, Colin Blunstone, Rod Argent and many others.

But lately I have seen another face of YouTube.  It has become nothing less than a conscious and willful hosting site for antisemitism.  This applies both to the primary content and the comments.  YouTube supposedly offers an opportunity to flag these hate messages.  But I have reported them on numerous occasions and not once has YouTube acknowledged my flagging, let alone removed the offensive material on the strength of it.

Thus it is clear to me that YouTube is both a conscious and a willing source of antisemitic material on the internet and it is getting progressively worse.  It is almost as if YouTube is inviting antisemites to post their hate-mongering sewage on their site.  This is ironic when you consider that YouTube is owned by Google, whose motto is: Do no evil.

Perhaps Google’s (and YouTube’s) motto should be: do no evil but stand idly on the sidelines and allow others to do evil while you rake in the profits.  (I suspect I know what the antisemites will say in response to this.  But if they do, then just on this occasion, they would be well-advised to do it anonymously – because my patience is running out.)