Okay, so we all knew the RMT were a bunch of bully boys.  We’ve all seen how their train drivers demand the most outrageously exorbitant wages – twice those of bus drivers, even though their job requires less than half the skill – taking advantage of the fact that the London Underground is a legally-protected monopoly and knowing that the customers cannot take their business elsewhere.

But how many of us knew that the RMT also harbours a swaggering bully boy, called Steven Hedley, who actively supports the “BDS” boycott of the Jewish State favoured by countless antisemites the world over?  Now of course the man is entitled to his views, however loathsome and idiotic they clearly are.  However, it transpires that our shaven-headed tough guy doesn’t want to debate the issue.  It appears that even letting the counter-arguments be heard is anathema to this swaggering, testosterone-charged caveman.

Here he is ranting against Israel, alleging that the English Defence League displays the Israeli flag (presumably to wind up the Muslims) and claiming that this is “evidence” that Israel is a fascist state.  In fact the argument itself is evidence that Steven Hedley is either a cunning demagogue or a complete moron.  You be the judge:

Steve Hedley ranting against the Jewish state

And here is an excellent article about him from Harry’s place:


And here is an article about it (with videos) from Richard Millet’s blog.


Now you’ve probably guessed by now that Steven Hedley is so stupid he probably thinks that BDS stands for Bondage, Discipline and  Sado-Masochism.  However, as you can see, it is not just Steven Hedley swinging through the trees emitting blood-curdling war cries against the Jewish State.  That whole gang of troglodytes known as the RMT is behind him.  It seems that when they aren’t extorting money from tube passengers and British taxpayers, they’re masquerading as freedom fighters in a dispute they are too stupid to even begin to understand.